Olive Oil Undercover: The Sneaky Business of Fake “Liquid Gold”

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More Than Just a Kitchen Staple

Olive Oil Undercover. Olive oil – the OG of Mediterranean goodness, has been rocking kitchens and cultures for ages. It was like the rockstar of medicinal and religious scenes, earning the name “liquid gold” in Homer’s “Iliad.” Fast forward to today, and it’s a big deal – a $22.3 billion deal, to be exact. But hold up, there’s a twist in this tale of olive-infused bliss.

The Big Olive Oil Market Boom

Oil is not just drizzle-worthy; it’s a high-value export, valued at a whopping $22.3 billion in 2022. And guess what? The olive oil market is gearing up for an even wilder ride in the next decade. But here’s the plot twist: some sneaky folks are turning this liquid gold into a criminal gold mine.

The Underbelly of Olive Oil: Fake Liquid Gold Empire

Behind the scenes of your favorite extra virgin olive oils from Italy, Spain, and Greece, there’s a shady operation going on. Criminal enterprises are turning olive oil into a scam, selling fake “liquid gold” that’s made from sunflower, canola, or even lamp oil. And get this – they’re slapping a price tag of up to $30 a liter in the United States. Talk about a slick hustle!

Caught in the Act: Authorities Make a Move

In late November, the olive oil police (yes, that’s a thing) in Spain and Italy teamed up with EU’s Europol and busted 11 people from a shady gang. They seized 12 barrels with a whopping 260,000 liters of fake olive oil and another 5,200 liters of the real deal that was ready to roll. But hold on – turns out, the “real deal” was unfit for consumption, despite rocking labels claiming it’s 100% Italian or Spanish.

Why the Fake Olive Oil Game?

Blame it on a mix of factors – prices going through the roof, olive oil production taking a hit, and a crazy demand that’s making fraudsters see dollar signs. These oil tricksters are getting creative, using everything from sunflower oil to lamp oil and even throwing in chlorophyll or beta carotene to color their fake olive oil. Crafty, right?

In 2023, Mediterranean oil production took a nosedive by 41%, thanks to a wet spring and scorching summer. Producers couldn’t keep up, leaving the door wide open for what some call the “agri mafia” to sneak in with their fake olive oil game.

Theft, Chainsaws, and Olive Trees: The Criminal Olive Saga

Now, get this – to keep their scam game strong, these criminals need quality olives. So, what do they do? They’re out here stealing whole olive trees or branches. Yep, you read that right. In Greece and Italy, they’re going full-on lumberjack with chainsaws to snatch branches loaded with olives. It’s easier than picking them, but it wrecks the poor olive trees.

And that’s not all – there’s a spike in break-ins at olive warehouses and wrecking harvesting gear. Why? To delay the harvest, so the thieves can swoop in and snag the olives. Sneaky, sneaky!

Busting the Olive Oil Gangs: Operation Anomalies

The heroes in this story are the Spanish and Italian authorities who made those November arrests. They got wind of the fake olive oil when they spotted a truck of low-quality oil sneaking into a production plant that was supposed to export top-notch stuff. Anomalies, you see – that’s what tipped them off.

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